samedi 3 novembre 2018

Ethics Panel #Ecrea2018

Ethics Panel with @AoIR_org and @sfsic #Ecrea2018
Ethical research in the era of Digital Studies : the French point of view

Social media, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are developing fields of research. The rapidity of changes to digital and social media platforms require ethical guidelines to constantly be updated, or to apply general principles to new and challenging situations. Preventing harm to subjects, protecting privacy, making research accountable, for example, are universal principles that are challenged by the persistence and reproducibility of data but also by the variety of contexts and platforms created. Associations of social researchers are constantly reflecting on the ethics of internet research guidelines, although not all researchers or even Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) are up-to-date with the ethical implications of research decisions (Zimmer & Kinder-Kurlanda, 2017).

The aim of the panel is to explore the need of considering the challenges facing both researchers and IRBs in a rapidly evolving digital media landscape, and to also reflect on the importance of specific training for social researchers about the ethical challenges of research.